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Welcome to Paverpol where


Paverpol makes it possible! It has been the World’s leading Art & Craft hardener for more than fifteen years.

Endless Possibilities

Paverpol turns materials like: – textile, fabrics, paper, leather and moss into ROCK-HARD outdoor objects.

Use it on clothes, yarn, dry- and silk flowers, clay, Styrofoam, paper Mache, bark fibers, decorations and much more and it is sealed forever.


Materials that are hardened or sealed with Paverpol can be placed in the garden or patio throughout the year …

Try it !

No matter where you live in Canada, there will always be a Certified Paverpol Teacher living close to you who can teach you how to use Paverpol. Click here to find an instructor.


With the AP seal for non-toxicity from ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute).

Just clean your hands and tools with warm water and soap.

New Here?

Find out the endless possibilities of Paverpol to CREATE


What you want to know about Paverpol and related products.

How to Start

Paverpol is available all over Canada, there is always a distributor or instructor living in your area.


Works made with Paverpol can be found in art galleries, community centers, craft shows, fiber shows and at many, many more places. Find our where you can see Paverpol works in your area.

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    25 ans de Paverpol

    Les gens derrière Paverpol Paverpol International est une compagnie avec une image Internationale. Paverpol et tous les produits relatifs sont disponibles dans plus de 40...
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