Paverpol Workshop

A day of FUN and CREATIVITY!

Did you get excited and want to start working with Paverpol?

Our one-day classes are set up to learn to make a figurine or object with Paverpol from start to finish! This will set you on the path of making more unique figures with or without the help of a teacher.

You want to find a teacher in your region: click on this link “Distributors and Teachers” and you will see all the active teachers in each province and region

Distributors and Teachers

You want to take the “Certified Paverpol Instructor” (CPI)  class? Click on one of the Regions/Provinces below to find more information about the Distributors in each province, also their email is listed at the bottom of this page.

Do YOU want to be a PAVERPOL instructor?

Dreaming of setting up an ‘art-business’?
Would you like to make an extra income?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, you are definitely a creative person with probably a good sense of ‘entrepreneurship’, and this might be something for you!

Join many Paverpol Teachers around the world who have made their business as big or small as they wanted to by teaching creative workshops. Beginner to expert, Paverpol art and craft workshops appeal to everyone.

As a Teacher, you can organize a variety of creative workshops – including corporate workshops and artist workshops. You can set up galleries with Paverpol art, host exhibitions showcasing an array of the new art & craft ideas created in your classes.  Take it to the next level and create your own online hobby store and inform your clients with your own art newsletter.  Don’t think large investments, this is all affordable!

The certified instructors communicate  using their own online network. Through that network they ask each other for tips, solutions but also share their ideas, tell stories and  connect.

How to become a certified Paverpol Teacher? Contact us at !

Start a new, exciting and creative journey today!

The distributors regularly schedule a two-day Paverpol Instructor Class. For dates look at the left hand bottom corner of this page.If the date doesn’t work for you, please contact the distributor in your Province to learn when the next course will be held.

You can take the instructors class when you have worked have taken 2 Paverpol workshops  and have at least a few sculptures made. In the two-day class you work with and get experience in using (almost) all products in the Paverpol product range. It provides you with knowledge on building sturdy frames, constructing wire skeletons and bases for sculptures.

Paverpol Instructors Course

For more informations:

Manitoba and Saskatchewan
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British Columbia
For more information:

Ontario, East
For more information: Gwen Rousseau

Ontario, Toronto area, 
For more information:

For more information:

For more information:

Atlantic Canada
For more information:  Lise St-Cyr

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