Q?Varnish. Do I have to varnish objects made with Paverpol?

If you want to place the object indoors. No, you don’t have to varnish it.
Outdoor object: When you have used Paverpol transparent, yes you have to varnish it with a good outdoor varnish. When you have used Paverpol Black, Grey or Bronze, we advise to varnish it to keep the colours from possible fading. But it isn’t necessary.
Josefine’s Varnish is available in our productline and is a very good outdoor varnish. Apply two coats.

Q?Safe. Is Paverpol safe to use?

Paverpol has been granted the right to bear the ACMI certification seal.
The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is an international association is recognized as the leading authority on art and creative materials.
All products in the program undergo extensive toxicological evaluation and testing before they are granted the right to bear the ACMI certification seals. www.acminet.org
Paverpol is a water based, non-toxic product.


Prevent Paverpol (in its liquid form) from freezing. Once frozen it cannot no longer be used.
However, objects made with Paverpol that have cured for two weeks CAN be placed outside, even in our cold, freezing Canadian winters.