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Initially, Paverpol was developed by a group of artists who used it to make large objects. Paverpol’s many applications have encouraged many individuals to express themselves in a creative way.

In 2007 this website was set up by the importer and distributor of Paverpol for Canada. To provide information on Paverpol but more important to keep you informed where a workshop can be booked, find new ideas, where Paverpol can be purchased,
events involving Paverpol, etc.Paverpol is a water based decoration– and textile hardener. A first class product, which has acquired a prominent place among artists and hobbyists for more than a decade.

Around the world, craft stores, arts and craft material distributors and hobby workshops feature Paverpol in their range. View the distributor’s page to find a distributor close to you.

Paverpol is non-toxic and water based, therefore it is not necessary to wear gloves. Simply rinse off hands and tools with warm water.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES …Paverpol makes rock-hard materials of: – textile, fabrics, paper, leather, moss, tree branches.
Use it on ( baby) clothes, dry- and silk flowers, clay, Styrofoam, paper Mache, bark fibers, decorations and much more and it is sealed forever. Create stone-look figures using Paverpol and Art Stone. To see some examples, visit our Product pages.

Materials that are hardened or sealed with Paverpol can be placed in the garden or patio throughout the year no matter how cold or wet it is outside!

We offer you product information on this site, give directions where you can buy Paverpol or take classes and provide a list of events that involve Paverpol. You also might want to look at instructional videos of how different Paverpol Projects can be made.

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What can I make with Paverpol
There are many possibilities and users keep finding new ways of using Paverpol. You can make for both indoor and outdoor figurines, abstract objects, wall art, vases, decorative items, animals, jewelry, masks, the list is endless.
From t-shirt to garden object
It is that simple, you can turn a simple fabric into an amazing outdoor object. Paverpol is a one-coat medium. Usually fibers are dipped in Paverpol and wrapped around a sturdy base. After two weeks of indoor curing the object can be placed outside.
Question: No extra protection?
Answer: “Sometimes”; read more on our product page under “Paverpol”.
There are seven Paverpol distributors in Canada who supply Paverpol to retailers, Certified Paverpol Instructors (CPI) and Paverpol-artists. Click here for more information.

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